Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2022,2024,2027

What is Green Satoshi Token (GST)?

If we want to understand what the Green Satoshi Token (GST) is, we will need to understand the STEPN digital ecosystem first.

One of the more notable tech success stories of the last 10 years or so has been the growth of fitness applications. These virtual pedometers track how many steps you take in a day – that is if you are carrying the device, such as a mobile phone or a watch, that it runs on – and let you know how much you have done or how much you need to do.

With cryptocurrency serving as another big booming tech sector over the last decade, it was, perhaps, inevitable that the two linked up. And, in 2017, it did… with the Triffic app. Now, Triffic did not do terribly much – you basically walked around your local area and collected certain ‘power-ups’ as it tracked your progress, sort of like a blockchain-based version of Pokemon Go – but the idea was there. Talking of Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s mobile game, which was all the rage in 2016, and still has a fair few users, meant that exercise-based apps did not necessarily have to be dry, dull, austere and technical. 

Nevertheless, Triffic, ultimately, was only ever really a niche product, largely because, as we have said, there were not that many features in it. In order for what we should probably call an M2E blockchain world to succeed, it was, perhaps, best to wait for the arrival of the next big development in blockchain technology.

Whether non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent a big development as such is another debate for another time. What cannot be denied, though, is that they have proven to be pretty popular. The idea of owning the rights to a link with a unique piece of artwork was originally a niche activity, but, over the course of 2021, NFTs became big business, with people and organisations – who otherwise would have had absolutely nothing to do with the blockchain and cryptocurrency – jumping on the bandwagon.

The link between NFTs and the metaverse –- basically, the big virtual online world – meant that both crypto sectors proved to be the real success stories over the second half of 2021. Since then, while the market has cooled down somewhat, there are still people who are more than willing to buy, sell and trade NFTs. And, out of the NFT enthusiasts across the cryptoverse, there will be a few who want to live healthy lifestyles. This is where STEPN comes in. 

How Does Green Satoshi Token Work?

Green Satoshi Token is one of the two tokens from the STEPN ecosystem. STEPN is a Solana-based move-to-earn game developed by  Find Satoshi Lab. To earn the rewards, a user needs to download the STEPN app and lease or rent the NFT sneakers from the STEPN app. Once you have leased the NFT sneakers, you can earn game currency by jogging, walking, or running outside, which can be cashed out for profit or utilized in-game.

There are three STEPN Game Modes: 1. Solo Mode, 2. Marathon Mode, and 3. Background Mode.

A user can earn rewards in form of a Green Satoshi Token in any of the three modes. In solo mode, a user can earn tokens by moving. Users can also earn tokens by participating in marathons. However, to participate in marathons, the user needs to register for each race 24 hours before starting the event.

Background mode comes into play when the user owns or leases a sneaker. The mode gets activated even when the STEPN app is off. When the STEPN app is off, background mode pulls the step count from the mobile device’s health data.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2022-2027

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2022

Green Satoshi price prediction 2022 ranges from a maximum price of $3.13 to a minimum price of $2.89, with an average trading price of $2.99.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2023

Green Satoshi price prediction 2023 ranges from a maximum price of $5.05 to a minimum of $4.27, with an average forecast price of $4.39.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2024

Green Satoshi price prediction 2024 ranges from a maximum value of $7.4 to a minimum value of $6.08, with an average trading value of $6.26.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2025

Green Satoshi price prediction 2025 ranges from a maximum of $10.27 to a minimum of $8.93, with an average value of $9.18.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2026

Green Satoshi price prediction 2026 ranges from a maximum of $15.25 to a minimum of $13.27, with an average of $13.73.

Green Satoshi Price Prediction 2027

Green Satoshi price prediction 2027 ranges from a maximum of $22.55 to a minimum of $18.83, with an average of $19.38.

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